Croc’s World 3

Millions of players played the first two parts of Croc’s World!
Now it´s time for „Croc’s World 3“!!!
And in „Croc´s World 3“ Croc brought along his friend Roodie. It also has 60 incredible levels and many challenging enemies!
It features:
+ 60 incredible levels
+ Nice HD-graphics
+ 2 Playercharacters
+ 2 different themes
+ many challenging enemies
+ 4 Endbosses
Jump and run through the levels and dodge all enemies.
Collect a helmet to crush stoneblocks.
Collect the stonebag to throw stones.
Collect the special stonebag to throw auto-homing stones!
Collect special items like „Firehelmet“ (walk through fire) or „Shield“ (Invincible for 10 seconds)!
If you collect 100 diamonds you´ll get an extra life!