Birds and Blocks 2

The birds are back!
In Birds’n’Blocks 2 you still have to help the birds! They can´t fly because of their tiny and small wings.
You have to get the birds to the safe stone-blocks without letting the birds touch the ground or fly out of the screen.
It features:
✔ 120 new levels
✔ HD graphics (incl. particle-systems) with retina-support for iPhone 4/4s and the new iPad!
✔ steady framerates with 60 FPS on most devices
✔ Full „Game Center“-support and an addictive gameplay.

There are different kinds of blocks with different properties („normal“, „bouncy“, „sliding“ and „safe for birds“).
You can remove blocks by touching them with your finger!
Don´t get angry if you are not able to solve a level. They are all solvable.
If you need help on any level just tell us on the „Birds’n’Blocks 2“-Facebookpage! We will help you!